Leadership Conference for Executives
Refocus. Restart. Reinvent. Stay Resilient.
2021 09
Location: ISM University of Management and Economics, Vilnius
Number of participants is limited
The conference will be held in English

What is

The pandemic years were both an immense challenge and a grand change accelerator. We learned that only the ones who are willing to change are successful. The direction of change likewise became evident: it leads towards resilience, flexibility, sustainability, speed of reaction and problem solving.

These are the main topics of REFOCUS. In this one-day conference, leaders of Norwegian and Lithuanian organizations will share their experiences in strengthening business immunity and building resilience, and will search for the necessary ingredients of an effective hybrid work schedule in their keynotes, panel discussions and networking sessions.

Main topics:

  • How to create resilience as a business model and strategy
  • How to carry out transformations without arousing hostility to change
  • How to change ourselves as leaders to foster a culture of collaboration and resilience in the organization
  • How to employ sustainability as a foundation for business resilience

Refocus. Restart. Reinvent. Stay Resilient.


  • Daniel Sunde-Hansen
    Leads Deloitte’s Center for the Edge in Norway
    Areas of expertise: change and innovation, future of data and leadership.
    Topic: how can you lead large transformation efforts without triggering the antibodies of change?
  • Anne Jorun Aas
    CEO Farmforce
    Areas of expertise: innovation, technology, sustainability.
    Topic: thriving in a disrupted world
  • Merete Berdal
    CEO and owner of Jotron AS
    Areas of expertise: competitive advantage in extreme conditions, innovative business models.
    Topic: how to turn a pandemic situation into a competitive advantage?
  • Tom Georg Olsen
    Founder of Miles AS
    Areas of expertise: preparing for change, leadership, building organizational culture and team building.
    Topic: trust is a Must
  • Anne Sophie Gjems
    Partner, Fuel It AS
    Areas of expertise: Development of people, leaders, teams and organizations to release the collective potential.
    Topic: great conversations eat strategy for breakfast
  • Bjornar Lund
    Head of Equipment Financing, DNB Finans
    Areas of expertise: Leadership, change management, cultural change and team building. Dare to be different.
    Topic: as a leader, are you ready for the next move?

Register for the event

This conference is aimed at the highest level executives, board members, and business managers. The conference will be held live and online. Please fill in the registration form and specify the preferred method of participation. As the number of participants is limited, you will be notified of the possibility to participate in the conference live by e-mail. The conference will take place indoors, so live participation will only be accessible for those with an Opportunity Passport.


    The conference is funded by the European Economic Area and the Norwegian Financial Mechanisms Bilateral Cooperation Fund.